Capturing Variety In Your Boudoir Session

Last summer, I launched the boudoir division of my photography business. I had a party, showcased some of my work and created a space that was positive and inviting for women—the same feel I want them to have when they experience their own session. Boudoir is my favorite style of photography to shoot, and I hope to have the majority of my clients come to me for boudoir by the end of 2017.

Now, if you didn’t notice, variety is in the title of this blog post. It is also the spice of life! And it also keeps life from getting boring. Personally, I love variety, and want to be able to leave myself open to creating amazing and unique photo shoots that are customized for the individual woman I am photographing.

For this post, I wanted to share with you, the variety captured in a specific boudoir photography session I did for the winner of my boudoir giveaway at the launch party. She won a boudoir photography session complete with professional hair and makeup. I was so excited to let her know she won, as she was talking to me at the party about really wanting to do this.

At the last minute, the location she planned on using fell through, and we needed a place to shoot! I offered to use my home, as that is what was available at the moment, and we were in need of a location.

Now, my house is small, and dark— the opposite of a photographers dream studio. But I used what was available to me and came up with some ideas to create the variety I strive for. We got the 90’s rap bumpin’ and flowed through the shoot using some of her ideas, mixed with mine, and of course, the amazing black boots! Those puppies needed a photo shoot of their own— so sexy!

black boots on white sheet

Those sexy black boots!

Sometimes using what you’ve got and pulling the resources already available to you at the moment, makes for a success. It sure doesn’t hurt to have an amazing client and makeup artist to work with either.

I usually like to create at least 3 sets for one session and play around with outfits and posing for each. I shoot the details, capture emotion and expression, and change up my gear to achieve a variety of sexy and classy images that will always have you looking back on the experience and saying, “Daaaammnn!!”

Ways To Maximize Your Boudoir Session

How To Maximize Your Experience with a Boudoir Session

When you one day get the opportunity to experience a boudoir session, you will see that there’s a lot that goes into it. The planning of the location, clothing choices, and style of session are just some of the aspects of preparing. Why not make the most of all the effort you are putting into yourself and the amazing experience?

Below are just some ways to turn your boudoir experience with Karen Morgan Images into one of the most memorable days of self-indulgence in your entire life! ..Or the most romantic! ..Or one of the most invigorating! Read below how to blend a few things together to create the most incredible time for yourself!

Romantic Weekend Getaway

Sonoma & Napa County is an ideal place to visit for a romantic getaway! With the countless wineries and B&B’s offering overnight stays with gorgeous scenery, what better way to increase the romance and sex appeal, than with a boudoir photography session!? Make the most of your stay by having a hair and makeup artist get you all polished up for a gorgeous and sexy session that will have you looking and feeling your best for a night with your guy. What can he do? Golf, shop, stare at the sky – whatever he chooses, because when he returns, he will have a woman transformed for the night! A woman with gorgeous undergarments to show off…


Girls Night Out

Let me help you paint a picture for this one! You and your best friends book a place to stay for the night. You get your hair and makeup professionally done while sipping champagne and enjoying delicious treats, taking turns having your own private boudoir session! Make the most of being all done up and feeling good, and go out on the town with your girls! You each get a private viewing session where you can create memorable prints or albums that last.

Bridal Makeup Trial

For those ladies who plan to tie the knot and are already getting trial hair and makeup done, why not get a few shots with that veil to make your guy’s jaw drop on the morning of your wedding day! The tradition is for him to not see you in your dress until the big moment, but nobody said anything about seeing you in just your veil with no dress!! Call me to book an on location mini shoot where we can make the most of such an amazing and beautiful time!


Create Memorable Products

I truly do believe that a boudoir photography session is really about the experience. Your self-confidence increases, you feel good about yourself, and you get to be pampered-and that feels good! So how do you maximize your boudoir experience that already includes champagne, treats, makeup artist getting you dolled up, music, and sexy outfits that make you look amazing?! The take away. The tangible items that you will enjoy in five, ten, twenty years. When you pull out an album of yourself in even just a few years, you will be thankful you took the opportunity to treat yourself to such an amazing experience. And when you pull out your album, prints, or boudoir box in twenty years… you will be SO GLAD you did it. You will remember stepping outside your comfort zone and “living it up” and you will feel proud. And sexy. And awesome.


Complete Day of Self Pampering – ALL YOU!!

Now, I share this idea with the hopes that one day I plan a day like this for myself. This is great for women who are going through a transformation and need a day of self-pampering to get them on track again. Go balls to the walls with this one ladies! You deserve it. And any guy who plans something like this for his woman.. well, maximum points given! It includes staying the night somewhere amazing in the beautiful wine country with spa treatments, a boudoir photography session, and even a little shopping! There’s an abundance of ways to pamper yourself, a boudoir session is one of them!

Use memorable items or clothing.

Do you have a beautiful necklace or bracelet that was your grandmothers? Or maybe a scarf or earrings your husband gave you? You can incorporate clothing and accessories that have sentimental value to you. It could be your mans favorite flannel, or the beach blanket you share at the beach often. It’s amazing how these items create a connection to your images.

So there you have it! 6 ways to maximize your boudoir session and create meaningful images and products you can feel good about! Call me to set up a consultation and we can create your dream session customized for you! Don’t wait!!


Family Beach Session ~ Sonoma County Coast

I have to say, I really enjoyed this photography session! The beach is one of my favorite places and the family I was capturing, are dear to my heart.

My close friend Renee and her two awesome kids took a trip out to the beach on a Fall afternoon. The weather was perfect, the winds bearable and light. The sun and time of day provided that nice golden light.


When we first got out of the car, her son got pooped on by a seagull. Poor guy! He handled it well though because he’s awesome like that! We carried on and got a few images at the top of the hill. We made our way to the beach and had a fun time throughout the session, getting great color contrast from her good outfit choices and the neutral tones of the natural environment.



Fall and Winter are a great time to visit our local beaches. The afternoons at the Sonoma County beaches can be warm and calm, creating a great backdrop for capturing you and your loved ones! There are many ways to create varied backdrops at our several beaches, offering beautiful colors and amazing textures!

Visit my website to learn more about creating a photography session that fits your style!

I offer family, portrait, and boudoir photography and would love to sit down and plan a photography experience that works for you!